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1. How can Kenko benefit my practice?

Kenko enhances patient care by streamlining patient management, enabling real-time monitoring of patient progress, and facilitating effective communication between visits.

2. How do I integrate Kenko into my practice?

Start by clicking Join us on our website. From there you will be prompted to set up your account in a matter of minutes. Our team is ready to support you through the setup process or any specific queries you might have.

3. How do I give access to my patients?

After setting up your account, you can add your patients through their email. Kenko generates and sends a unique access link for your patients, allowing them to sign up and get full access to Kenko's features.

4. Can I customize exercise programs?

Yes, Kenko allows the creation of tailored exercises programs to meet each patient's needs, ensuring optimal care.

5. What if I need technical support

Our support team is here to assist at or scroll down and send us a message from this page.

6. Can I share my created videos or programs with the rest of my team at my practice?

Our current standard tier does not support content sharing within Kenko, but we're developing shared content library features. 

7. How secure is my patients data?

Patients privacy is a priority. Kenko uses advanced encryption and complies with data protection regulations to ensure data security. 

1. How do I access Kenko?

Access requires an access code from a Physical Therapist using Kenko. Your physical therapist will send you an access code from your email that will have a link to set up your account. You will have 5 minutes to set up your account before the code expires. If the code does expire, click on request a new activation link and a new code will be sent to you. 

2. Can I communicate with my Physical Therapsit through the app? 

Yes, Kenko enables continuous communication with your therapist in between appointments. 

3. How secure is my data?

Your data's security is paramount. Kenko employs advanced encryption and data protection measures.

4. Do I need an Iphone to use Kenko?

Kenko is available on both Android and iOS Platforms, ensuring broad accessibility. 

5. What if I need technical support

Our support team is here to assist at or scroll down and send us a message from this page.

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