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Patient Management Made Easy

​Kenko’s mission is to create a more personalized relationship between physical therapists and patients, utilizing the time in between sessions to increase the efficacy of the recovery process.

Our Story

Co-founders Joe Rapaport and Allen Song converged on their shared path during their Master's program at USC, each bringing a personal narrative of battling chronic pain.


Joe's journey from sports enthusiast to injured Hybrid Athlete, and Allen's transition from military service to civilian life, fostered a mutual passion for revolutionizing physical therapy.


Recognizing a gap in the industry, they sought to create a solution that puts patients at the forefront, promoting proactive involvement in their own recovery process. In collaboration with experienced physical therapists, they built Kenko. This pioneering platform is their answer to enhancing patient-therapist engagement, drawing from their personal experiences to inform its empathetic design.

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Rehab Reinvented: Kenko's Vision for the Future of Physical Therapy

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