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Kenko is a comprehensive, patient-focused exercise prescription platform.

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An enhanced kind of physical therapy.

Utilizing technology to foster the relationship between physical therapists and patients.

  • Connect in between in-person sessions

  • Data driven metrics to speed up recovery

  • Large library of detailed exercises and video uploading

  • Trusted network of the best physical therapists in your area

For Patients

Anyone looking to feel better


Find exercises to start feeling your best


Have a pre-session consultation with a physical therapist to find the right fit 


Take control of your recovery and see results

For Clinics

Reduce inefficiencies and improve patient recovery


Increase revenue by accessing new patients in the Kenko network


Connect, schedule, and message in between

in-person sessions


Curate a specific exercise program that best fits your patient's needs


kenko screen 4_edited.png

The all-inclusive physical therapy platform

Try Kenko and see improvement in your recovery

Will be available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

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